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E. Jones & Associates is a divorce and family law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. We represent clients in all aspects of marital and family law, including divorce (Collaborative, uncontested and contested matters), custody (time-sharing) of children, child support, alimony, equitable division of property, separation, Martial Settlement Agreements, relocation, modifications of prior judgments, domestic violence, and paternity actions. Our firm also takes on Collaborative Divorce cases, in which the parties work together amicably toward a resolution without litigation.

Attorney Coleman has extensive experience in divorce and family law, and vigorously advocates for her clients’ legal rights. We treat each client with compassion and respect, and recognize that each client has a unique set of circumstances, whether they are going through a divorce or another type of family law matter. We attempt first to mediate or work towards a settlement with each case to achieve a fair agreement or resolution which will promote family harmony. Alternatively, if a client chooses to participate in a collaborative divorce, both attorneys and spouses sign a contract, agreeing not to litigate in court, but instead to reach a settlement out of court. If neither of those options are possible or what a client desires, we litigate in court to protect the legal rights of our clients and the minor children before, during, and after a divorce or other family law matter.

E. Jones & Associates brings a personalized, fresh approach to resolving our clients’ complex and contentious legal matters and provides an individualized analysis of your legal issue. We tackle the simplest matters to the most contested and complicate disputes. At E. Jones & Associates, we make the time to listen to your unique issue and guide you with your best legal interests in mind. Whether that means aggressively advocating on your behalf in court or resolving the issue through negotiations and settlements, E. Jones & Associates will give you the personal attention you deserve and the aggressive representation you need when faced with an important legal issue.


When experiencing the heartbreak of divorce in Atlanta, you need a competent, assertive attorney by your side to zealously advocate for your rights and protect your family during all stages of the process.

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Our Approach

At E. Jones & Associates, we are dedicated to putting our substantial skills and practical expertise to use for individuals and families throughout the Atlanta metro area.

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Consultation and Fees

The purpose of an initial consultation is to provide you with a level of comfort and knowledge as to how Georgia law may apply to your particular domestic situation and what you may expect throughout the process.

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Find answers to the questions that are most frequently posed by our clients who are encountering family law issues.

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